Google Wave Lab homepage
Welcome to the unofficial google wave lab homepage, the hottest place for google wave news, tips, tricks, and ideas.

Yesterday, my request to get a google wave developper preview account has been finnally accepted, the google wave lab can then actually dive into Google Wave and bring you up news, tips, and tricks, to better use this platform.
Although you can not yet activate your google account for google wave, we are here to do the exploration and discovery job or you, and we even want to do some development on this new platform.
When Google Wave will be available for everyone, you will hopefully find the information that you need here in the Google wave lab unofficial blog.
Happy wave surfing.


As you know, I am very interested in the google wav API and gadget/extension development, and as the service is not yet provided by Google, I had to request a preview developper account from the google code project page.
I am aware this will take some time, this means I will not be able to tell you soon how great is google wave, but almost no public information is available anyway yet, si I guess we will have to wait some time.
I hope you bookmark the blog to be "in the know" when something interesting will happen here.
See you later.


This is a place holder.


As many other people, I was amazed by the google presentation of Google Wave, although it is not yet pubic, I am convinced it will soon become the next communication media of choice of everyone, so by anticipation, I decided to create this Blog now, to be prepared to the upcoming launch (2009) of Google Wave.
Let's wait for day 0 ;)